About Us
Our Mission: to incentivize high-quality, long-form content and rid the Internet of advertisements that hurt the user experience. How we do that: We provide brands access to a sponsored content marketplace, where they can find audiences that fit their needs and reach them through native content sponsorships in email newsletters, YouTube channels, podcasts and blogs. We give publishers of thought-leading content a convenient and lucrative method for monetizing without harming their brand. In addition to the marketplace, we also provide tools and insights for both advertisers and publishers to improve their content and increase their engagement.
Our Story
ThoughtLeaders was founded in 2016 as the organic product of our own need to find a better way to monetize content. For five years David ran Hacking UI, a large blog, newsletter and podcast about user experience and web development. He was never satisfied with the available options for sponsorships and advertisements. Placing AdSense on the site felt hypocritical and detrimental to the user experience, working as an affiliate was short changing the value he was providing, and selling direct was lucrative but took tons of time.
Management Team
David, Dan and Michal were good friends who met while working at SimilarWeb together. They understood that there was a real need for change in the advertising and sponsorship space and together founded ThoughtLeaders. ThoughtLeaders has grown to become one of the leading sponsored content solutions in the world.
David Tintner
CEO & Co-Founder
Daniel Conn
CRO & Co-Founder
Michal Sela
CTO & Co-Founder