Top 500 most subscribed YouTube channels in the last 30 days

Check out the top 500 most subscribed YouTube channels in the last 30 days in the world. Discover how many subscribers each channel has gained and what YouTube channels are the fastest growing.

# Channel Name Current Subscribers Subscribers 30 Days Ago Subscribers Increase
51 logo Ami Rodriguez 17.7M 16.6M 1.1M
52 logo Mr DegrEE 13.9M 12.8M 1.1M
53 logo XO TEAM 15.2M 14.1M 1.1M
54 logo Bayashi TV 13.8M 12.7M 1.1M
55 logo Bonku 1.3M 236.0K 1.0M
56 logo GameToons 8.2M 7.2M 1.0M
57 logo Louis Vuitton 2.1M 1.0M 1.0M
58 logo Anurag Dwivedi 3.1M 2.0M 1.0M
59 logo ChuuyMine 2.5M 1.4M 1.0M
60 logo Spizee 6.2M 5.2M 1.0M
61 logo CRAZY GREAPA 9.3M 8.3M 1.0M
62 logo ✿ Kids Diana Show 111.0M 110.0M 1.0M
63 logo Azhan5star 20.2M 19.2M 1.0M
64 logo Vlad and Niki 97.6M 96.6M 1.0M
65 logo jaanvi patel 16.3M 15.3M 1.0M
66 logo Su Hao 8.1M 7.2M 920.0K
67 logo Pink Shirt Couple 12.3M 11.4M 900.0K
68 logo Goldmines 85.8M 84.9M 900.0K
69 logo Salman Noman 15.6M 14.7M 900.0K
70 logo Tsuriki Show 21.9M 21.0M 900.0K
71 logo Vlad and Niki ESP 21.2M 20.3M 900.0K
72 logo Jesser 13.9M 13.0M 900.0K
73 logo Alejo Igoa 23.3M 22.4M 900.0K
74 logo Jin and Hattie 3.9M 3.0M 900.0K
75 logo Junya Official Channel 24.7M 23.8M 900.0K
76 logo Vilmei 12.0M 11.1M 900.0K
77 logo RD facts 11.0M 10.1M 900.0K
78 logo Sagawa /さがわ 20.4M 19.5M 900.0K
79 logo Supercar Blondie 13.3M 12.4M 900.0K
80 logo Chimkandi 10.0M 9.1M 900.0K
81 logo 팀일루션 노성율 - TEAM1LLUSION 2.9M 2.0M 890.0K
82 logo Adi Fishman 4.0M 3.2M 880.0K
83 logo Nich Reacts 3.2M 2.4M 860.0K
84 logo The McFive Circus 7.7M 6.8M 850.0K
85 logo Biel Campos 3.4M 2.5M 850.0K
86 logo Pardeep Khera 1.8M 962.0K 838.0K
87 logo DEV Ke Experiment 10.7M 9.8M 820.0K
88 logo Payal Panchal 6.3M 5.5M 810.0K
89 logo Dr Ryan 10.3M 9.4M 810.0K
90 logo RupalChoudhary TD 10.9M 10.1M 800.0K
91 logo Dangal TV Channel 20.5M 19.7M 800.0K
92 logo Daniel LaBelle 22.9M 22.1M 800.0K
93 logo Peet Montzingo 12.7M 11.9M 800.0K
94 logo TheDonato 30.3M 29.5M 800.0K
95 logo unknown boy varun 22.0M 21.2M 800.0K
96 logo Jake Fellman 17.2M 16.4M 800.0K
97 logo DeGoBooM 16.8M 16.0M 800.0K
98 logo Marta and Rustam 19.4M 18.6M 800.0K
99 logo Rubén Tuesta oficial 14.3M 13.5M 800.0K
100 logo Ju Araújo 5.8M 5.0M 790.0K

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Top YouTubers
  • Who has the most subscribers on YouTube?
    According to our data, T-Series have the most subscribers on YouTube.
  • How many subscribers does the biggest YouTuber have?
    According to our data, the biggest YouTube channel has 243,000,000 subscribers.
  • Who has the second most subscribers on YouTube?
    According to our data, YouTube Movies is the second most subscribed channel on YouTube.
  • Who is the fastest growing channel on YouTube?
    Based on our tracking data, Padre Miguel Guerra is the fastest growing, with a growth trajectory of 89.978 degrees.
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  • What channel has the highest projected views?
    Based on our tracking data, MrBeast currently has 110,175,394 projected views. Learn more about projected views here.
  • How many YouTube channels have over 1 million subscribers?
    According to our data, there are 26,573 YouTube channels with over 1 million subscribers.
  • Which YouTube channel has the most views?
    Based on our tracking data, T-Series channel has 224,961,508,632 total views and currently is the channel with the most views on YouTube.